Video Tips: Working Your Adult Dog

With a gun dog, the learning never stops. Here are some video tips that have helped us a lot over the years, as well as some owners of our dogs. Enjoy the dog training video tipesĀ and good luck in working with your Pudelpointer.

This one is on using a dummy launcher:

Jess Spradley works with Captain, one of our top, award-winning studs, on marked retrieves.

Here’s one on why we like hunting doves and pigeons with our dogs. Note, working inside a dog’s mouths starts the day we bring them home:

Here’s a demonstration on a double retrieve on ducks. The dog was inside a standup blind and wasn’t able to mark the birds. We took her outside, positioned her and used hand signals to retrieve the birds:

Here’s another double retrieve on ducks…this time the dog marked both birds:

Upper level water entry. The drive of a Pudelpointer and it’s eagerness to take to water is prevalent, here:

A good nose, discipline and restraint, all at work!

Bringing it all together, here’s another double retrieve by one of our dogs. The first bird fell close the blind, the other, on the opposite side so the dog didn’t get a mark on it. Note how hand signals were used to help direct the dog to the second downed bird. This training started at a young age, and pays off in situations like this.