Report from Happy Owners

Often we get feedback that’s worth sharing, not because it’s about us at Tall Timber Pudelpointers, but because it’s about the genetic line of dogs we’ve worked hard to establish.

Following are reports that brought a smile to our face.

I just wanted to take a moment to follow up with you.
This is Bruin with his first bird a field in the fall.
He is from the July 2016 litter of Sage and Lon.
I sent him to Decoverly Kennels in north eastern Pa to train for 8 weeks with Nick and Bridget and he is doing awesome.
I am so happy with him and what a wonderful addition he makes to our family.
We recently did a hunt we videoed with the doggie cam.
Talk soon thanks, Jamey
Eva’s First Shed

Hi Steve,

We were doing a little refresher work on
the check cord on a frosty cold day, and she came up with this.