Pudelpointer Training and Testing

In addition to Steve offering free training tips and dog handling advice from the time you purchase your Pudelpointer pup, he is also happy to assist in lining-up a professional trainer. Following are a list of qualified trainers Tall Timber Pudelpointers works with and will put our name behind.

Our dogs will be tested in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test with a team of three judges giving them a score on their desire for water, tracking ability and their search and pointing ability. We feel that it is good to have an outside team of professionals take a look at all pups at this age and we totally respect their scores and appreciate the time that they put into the NAVHDA Program. But again if they don’t come up to our standards we will not breed them. Our dogs must have strong, sound hips and elbows and be solid in the field and this is all tested in the field as the dog matures.

Jess Spradley

JT’s Gundogs in Lakeview, OR

Jess Spradley, the current owner of JT’s Gundogs in Lakeview, Oregon, will be the new owner of Cabin Creek Gun Dogs & Kennels, formerly owned by Steve and Barb Waller. Jess has been training dogs for 20 years, since the age of 16, and specializing in intense training for high-end competition hunting dogs for 14 years. Jess also guides bird hunters during the fall and winter months. He specializes in training Pudelpointers, Labrador retrievers and German shorthairs. Jess’ wife, Tiffany, also helps in the training.

Jess’ advice on puppy training is simple. “At eight to nine weeks of age, start exposing your pup’ to everything in their surroundings. Take them into the kiddy pool, shoot a gun around them, get around lawn mowers, cars, four-wheelers and more. Get them around different people, too, from young to old, big groups and small. Just have fun with them and make every experience as positive as possible. This will greatly help in developing their personality, which will really be noticed when it comes time for higher level training.”

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