Pudelpointer History

The pudelpointer was developed in Germany by Baron von Zedlitz in 1881. The poodle (or pudel in German) offered intelligence, retrieving instincts and a love of water. It was also easy to train and eager to please. The pointer loved to hunt, had an excellent nose, great endurance and the pointing instinct. The result was a loyal companion dog that is capable in the water and the field and makes an ideal dog for the home as well.

The pudelpointer was brought to North America in 1956 by Sigbot “Bodo” Winterhelt, a world-renowned trainer. He wanted to establish the breed with traits that would grow stronger with each passing generation. As a trainer, he also wanted to ensure that the breed didn’t deteriorate on the show bench like other sporting breeds. Winterhelt started NAVHDA, or North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. This was to “foster, promote, and improve the versatile hunting dog breeds in North America“.

Today, the pudelpointer has become one of the most sought after breeds for hunting because of its natural ability and enthusiasm to hunt and point game and retrieve on both land and water.  Properly trained, this breed will work hard for it’s handler while remaining in control and obedient.LonPoint2