Pudelpointer Breeder Steve Waller

For most of Steve Waller’s life he co-owned a chain of grocery stores with 250 employees and 5000+ customers per day, and enjoyed it very much. He has owned, hunted, and trained dogs all of his life and dogs are truly his number one passion.

Today he is able to focus 100% on breeding and raising upland dogs and has chosen the Pudelpointer as his breed. Steve considers the Pudelpointer to be the perfect hunting/family dog, and the fact they’re hypoallergenic, appeals to many families with children.

Pudelpointers, being a cross between a German hunting Pudel (the spelling, “Pudel” being German) and an English Pointer, are a versatile breed.

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing your Pudelpointer from Tall Timber Pudelpointers is that Steve will provide dog training support for you and your dog, for life. We truly want this to be a great experience for you, your trained hunting dog, and your entire family.  When buying from Tall Timber Pudelpointers, we believe you’re investing in more than just a dog; you’re acquiring a friend and companion that will be with you for many years to come.  We want to do all we can to assure the relationship gets off to a great start, and stays that way.


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