Our Dogs

We test all of our males and females in natural ability tests, either internationally, prior to importing, or through the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) before breeding. If any dogs fall short of test standards, and more importantly, our hunting standards in the field, we will not breed them. To back this up, we offer a written guarantee that we believe is unsurpassed by other Pudelpointer breeders.


Lon was imported from the Czech’ Republic in the fall of 2013, and is likely the most decorated Pudelpointer on American soil. During his intense overseas training sessions he was tested in nine areas, and came away with eight Prize 1s and a Prize 2, and all this before age three. Lon’s genetics, drive and ability to learn are unlike anything we’ve been a part of in more than 40 years of breeding and training dogs. Lon is currently our number one breeding male, and his offspring speak to the genetic quality we pride ourselves on here at Tall Timber Pudelpointers.



Ora is our latest import for our elite breeding line. She comes highly decorated from the Czech’ Republic, where she tested very highly in multiple standard and advanced tests. Her hunting skills are as good as it gets, and she’s been an exceptional mother to two litters.







Sage has been a very active hunting dog, and regularly works many days at Oregon’s renowned Highland Hills Ranch, as well as on free-range chukars and more. Sage has been trained by our top trainer, Jess Spradley, who also spends many hours each season, hunting with Sage.

Sage’s litters have produced some of our most impactful dogs. Hunters love the pups that have come from Sage due to their in-the-field drive, performance and intelligence; Families love Sage’s pups for the same reason, but also their mild-mannered, loving nature.



Bella is one of our prized imports from the Czech’ Republic. She has a lot of English pointer in her bloodline, which we are eager to make a part our bloodline. Her drive and determination are phenomenal, and we’re seeing the result of this in her first litter, which Lon sired.

Less than 5% of Pudelpointers are black, yet there is a high demand for these dogs in the U.S. We carefully selected Bella from her unique bloodline, to be a part of our breeding program.


A 1/2 brother of Lon, Captain retains a lot of drive, stamina and great field performance, and according to our trainer, Jess Spradley, is one of the best dogs he’s ever worked with and hunted with. Captain performs incredibly well on chukars in rough terrain, as well as other upland birds.

Captain scored an impressive 198, Prize I in his fall 2016 Utility test!




Echo was born in February, 2014, to Lon and Sage. At an early age, Echo broke the mold for female Pudelpointers we’ve worked with at Tall Timber.

At eight weeks she was voluntarily frolicking in water, exploring through tall grass, and more. At 14 weeks she began pointing, 16 weeks retrieved her first bird and 18 weeks, made multiple deep-water bumper retrieves. Echo has shown an extremely strong water drive since a very young age, and after watching Lon, you can see where this innate behavior comes from. At five months of age Echo found her first antler shed, and during her first fall season of hunting, which began at 6 months of age, did great retrieving doves and bandtail pigeons, and pointing very well on valley quail.

Echo has become our most versatile performing dog in the field, retrieving multiple species of waterfowl (ducks and geese), many upland bird species, and finding antlers of mule deer, whitetails, blacktails, Roosevelt elk and Rocky Mountain elk. She’s also a great tracker and blood-trailer, showing the potential of her bloodline.



Kona is our first black male Pudelpointer, born July 8, 2016, to Bella and Lon. The potential Kona has shown is only surpassed by his in the field performance. By the age of six months, Kona logged over 50 retrieves on wild birds, including valley quail, doves, bandtail pigeons, ducks and cackling Canadian geese. He’s a very eager dog for blood trailing, and his drive is incredible in the field. His English pointer bloodline dominates, which is highlighted in his ability to point, yet he’s one of the best dogs we’ve had when it comes to marking birds, especially ducks and geese, and retrieving them at impressive distances.

NOTE: Tall Timber Pudelpointers are not sold for breeding purposes. Unless otherwise arranged, all litters are registered with NAVHDA breeding restrictions.