All new at cabin creek is a big kennel addition. The new structure is 40ft by 80ft and will house a 1008 sq ft birthing area. The inside will have a full drain end to end with tile flooring so as to keep everything sanitary at all times. This building will not be a cold, industrial warehouse. The walls and ceiling will be wrapped in solid tong and groove Douglas Fir and we’ve added a sleeping area complete with big screen TV. We want a comfortable environment for us and the dogs especially for the late night puppy arrivals. They never seem to start having pups until 6PM or later! Adjacent to that new room will be new 4ft wide by 16 ft long kennels for our training dogs. We have also renovated our boarding kennels which are in a seperate building. All boarding kennels are 6ft by 8ft fully air conditioned and heated.

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