Video Tips: Working Your Adult Dog

With a gun dog, the learning never stops. Here are some video tips that have helped us a lot over the years, as well as some owners of our dogs. Enjoy the dog training video tipes and good luck in working with your Pudelpointer. This one is on using a dummy launcher: Jess Spradley works with […]

Lon In Training In Czech Republic

Here’s an impressive, 22 minute video on Lon in training in the Czech Republic. Lon tested out with the highest possible marks, in 9 categories. One look at this and it’s easy to see why we’re honored to have him as our prize stud dog, and why we’re receiving so much positive feedback from owners […]

Video Tips: Training Your Pup’ For The Field

While a versatile gun dog will be a better hunter than we’ll ever be, there are some basic skills to teach it in order to prepare it to hunt efficiently, especially at a young age. Here are some tips to help you and your pup get started: Here’s a tip on introducing your pup to […]

Video Training Tips: Introducing Your Pup’ To New Things

Pudelpointers are a unique breed, in that they can be very sensitive, yet incredibly driven. Not all pups are the same, nor do they learn at the same rate. Here are some tips that have helped us in training sessions with our pudelpointer pups. Here’s a video tip on introducing your pudelpointer pup to gun shots: […]

Video Training: Teaching Your Pup’ Restraint & Discipline

Restraint and discipline are two very important things to teach your gun dog, and it can start early. Here are two videos to help get you going in the right direction: A good hunting dog is disciplined, no matter what they are hunting. Here’s a tip to help teach your pup’ restraint and discipline. Here’s […]

Video Tips: Puppy Care

Here’ are some general video tips on taking care of your puppy: This one is on crate training your pup. This one, on keeping that pups’ ears clean.

Video Tips: Bringing Home Your Pup’

Bringing home your Pudelpointer pup’ is a big deal, and being prepared is important. Here’s a tip that’s helped many new owners of our Pudelpointer pups. Once home, let the potty training begin! Bath time is important, too…

Pudelpointer Pups Available August 2016!

A big thank you to all who have been so patient over the past year, we’re finally getting caught up on filling orders. In fact, we’ve had some successful breedings in recent weeks and now have pups for sale. With three litters having been born in the past couple weeks, and one more on the […]

Summer Dog Training Tips

Summer can be a challenging time when it comes to dog training. Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your dog, active, sharp and in shape. 1. Train Early & Late:  To avoid the heat, train before work and in the evenings, when it’s cool. This will allow the dog to get in […]

Reports From Happy Owners

Often we get feedback that’s worth sharing, not because it’s about us at Tall Timber Pudelpointers, but because it’s about the genetic line of dogs we’ve worked hard to establish.  Following are some reports that brought a smile to our face: Steve, I just wanted to check in with you on the pup we picked […]