The Pudelpointer is unique breed of hunting dog that excels both in the field and water. Our dogs are bred for real world hunting, not for field trials and not for the show bench. The versatility of the Pudelpointer is unmatched in other breeds making them the best choice for serious bird hunters.

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Report from Happy Owners

Often we get feedback that’s worth sharing, not because it’s about us at Tall Timber Pudelpointers, but because it’s about the genetic line of dogs we’ve worked hard to establish. Following is a report that brought a smile to our face. I just … [Read More...]

Video Tips: Working Your Adult Dog

With a gun dog, the learning never stops. Here are some video tips that have helped us a lot over the years, as well as some owners of our dogs. Enjoy the dog training video tipes and good luck in working with your Pudelpointer. This one is on … [Read More...]

Lon In Training In Czech Republic

Here's an impressive, 22 minute video on Lon in training in the Czech Republic. Lon tested out with the highest possible marks, in 9 categories. One look at this and it's easy to see why we're honored to have him as our prize stud dog, and why we're … [Read More...]

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