The Pudelpointer is unique breed of hunting dog that excels both in the field and water. Our dogs are bred for real world hunting, not for field trials and not for the show bench. The versatility of the Pudelpointer is unmatched in other breeds making them the best choice for serious bird hunters.

The Latest from Tall Timber

Dove Hunting with Echo

Echo’s First Dove Hunt

Echo is a 6 month old Pudelpointer, and came from Lon and Sage. She was picked up by Scott & Tiffany Haugen, and their two sons, at 8 weeks of age. They’ve done a great job of getting Echo out, around people, and working on training her every … [Read More...]

Pudelpointer Lon Flushing

Hunting Report With Lon

We’ve been hunting with Lon, our recently imported stud, for nearly four months. What we’re seeing is mind-boggling, and surpasses even our expectations. Lon’s drive and determination is unlike anything we’ve seen, in any breed of dog we’ve worked … [Read More...]

Tall Timber Lon

Lon Has Arrived!

Tall Timber Pudelpointers is happy to announce the arrival of Lon! Lon came to us from the Czech' Republic, after many months of effort. A three year old dog, Lon is likely the most decorated Pudelpointer on American soil. In an effort to maintain … [Read More...]