The Pudelpointer is unique breed of hunting dog that excels both in the field and water. Our dogs are bred for real world hunting, not for field trials and not for the show bench. The versatility of the Pudelpointer is unmatched in other breeds making them the best choice for serious bird hunters.

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Pudelpointer Pups Available August 2016!

A big thank you to all who have been so patient over the past year, we’re finally getting caught up on filling orders. In fact, we’ve had some successful breedings in recent weeks and now have pups for sale. With three litters having been born in … [Read More...]

Summer Dog Training Tips

Summer can be a challenging time when it comes to dog training. Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your dog, active, sharp and in shape. 1. Train Early & Late:  To avoid the heat, train before work and in the evenings, when it’s cool. … [Read More...]

Reports From Happy Owners

Often we get feedback that's worth sharing, not because it's about us at Tall Timber Pudelpointers, but because it's about the genetic line of dogs we've worked hard to establish.  Following are some reports that brought a smile to our … [Read More...]

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